Artist Of The Week: Marina and The Diamonds


Our artists of the week is Marina Diamandis AKA  Marina and The Diamonds.  The alternative/electronic pop icon known for her retro fashion and playful lyrics about female identity and heartbreak released her first EP “The Crown Jewels” in 2009, and her debut album “The Family Jewels” in 2010, which went on to reach number five on the UK Album Charts. Her first studio album has some of her well known songs like “Oh No” and “I Am Not A Robot.” You could tell Diamandis was a star in the making.


In 2012, the Primadonna girl released her explosive “Electra Heart” which climbed all the way to number one in three countries. Most Recently Marina dropped her third studio album titled Froot which is her highest charting album in the United States.

Froot also marked the death of the heart on cheek wearing character Electra Heart. In an interview with “The Guardian” Diamandis said that Electra Heart, “had to die, it was the end. It was really fun while it lasted but those things are only meant to last a certain amount of time.” There is no doubt that Electra represented a very dark part of her that she is now overcoming.


Diamandis has talked  about dealing with depression  in the past and addresses it in her song titled “Happy”. In the song,  Marina’s vocals are paired with an amazing instrumentals as she sings “ Finally I have found the strength to be happy.”

“Happy” is a track you can hear on her synth-pop inspired album “Froot”. Froot is available now on iTunes and Spotify.



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