Book Review: Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie “We Should All Be Feminists”


Chimimanda Adichie is just as clever as ever in her short essay, “We should all be feminists”. The highly praised Nigerian Novelist had me nodding my head in agreement throughout the entire fifty two pages of her unapologetic, and sharp-witted short essay.

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Adichie introduces us to her essay with a personal, yet relatable, anecdote about one of her home town friends. The anecdote will take any feminist back to a time when they ran around slaying the patriarchy without even knowing what the word meant yet. Anyone who calls themselves a feminist will be able to identify with a young Adichie being called a feminist by one of her male peers. Adichie writes “Oklahoma looked at me and said, ‘You know you’re a feminist.’ It was not a compliment. I could tell from his tone-the same tone with which a person would say, ‘You’re  a supporter of terrorism.’.”

Of course now Adichie wears the feminist crown loud and proud . She continues on in the essay with well supported and conscious arguments about gender roles and what society has taught us is right and wrong. Adichie claims that “I am trying to unlearn many lessons of gender I internalized while growing up. But I sometimes still feel vulnerable in the face of gender expectations.” Adichie is completely charming and I expected nothing less of her.

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“We Should All Be Feminist” is an essay that everyone one should read regardless of age, race, or gender. It makes feminism seem more than just some crazy extreme ideal that everyone tries to make it out to be, and looks at it from a practical and logical viewpoint. Adichie’s feminism is perfect and I give this book five stars out of five. Chimamanda is one of the brilliant minds of this century, making this essay so striking and awe-inspiring.


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