GAME OF THRONES: Sexist or Feminist?


Arya StarkA long time argument based upon the idea A Game of Thrones is sexist or feminist has blown up feminist web pages since the show aired in  April 17, 2011. There seems to be no middle ground in this debate; it is either a profane and porn riddled disaster, or an underlying surge of feminism.

The sexualization of women, the various body types and ages of women, the raping and pillaging of women, the multitudes of powerful female characters, the unequal representation of sexualization between men and women.

Each person is entitled to their own reasons for A Game of Thrones sexism or feminism, as there are so many valid arguments on said subject. But overall, A Game of Thrones is neither feminist nor sexist.

I say this because of the basis of A Game of Thrones on historical events. George R.R. Martin has admitted himself that the beloved Fantasy world of A Game of Thrones is more than just loosely based on real events in history.

History Behind Game of Thrones is a website that goes into deep detail of the ties between historical events and A Game of Thrones. It cannot be denied that history has not been kind to women and that women in medieval history were treated horribly.

George R.R. Martin represents treatment of women in his novels in a realistic manner. The television show is branching off from the original plot line of the novel series: A Song of Ice and Fire; however, the treatment of the women are still in line with their treatment in history.

Most historical writings focus primarily on the white male, and reflect the attitudes of the professional historians, who are predominantly white males. To represent sexism is to show the reality of a situation that may not be widely spoken about.

A Game of Thrones takes perspectives of women to get a broader understanding of the setting and plot that were based on actual events. The oppression and sexism seen in the show and novel merely depicts what life would be like for minorities in the time period it is based upon.

GoT - Khaleesi

History Behind Game of Thrones:



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