Supergirl Has Come to Save Us from Male Dominance


As it draws closer to the series premiere of the new CBS television show Supergirl, comic book fans all over are growing more and more anxious. Ever since the trailer was released a couple of months ago there has been one question on everyone’s mind: Is Supergirl the hero we’ve all been waiting for or is she destined to meet a sad fate? At first I was skeptical, yet hopeful for Kara Zor-El making her on-screen debut, but after watching the leaked pilot all of my uncertainty is now gone. This is a review of the show based off of the pilot, which surprisingly was not that bad. Supergirl is a hero that girls can relate to and be inspired by. Most importantly her costume is crime fighting appropriate.

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Supergirl stars Glee’s Melissa Benoist as the lively newcomer Kara Danvers who, similarly to her notorious cousin, works for a media outlet company owned by Cat Grant. For starters, the creators of the show did something that I find very admirable about Supergirl: they made her a normal everyday girl (besides the fact that she is an alien). At first Kara is uncertain about her powers and wants to blend in with everyone else, opposed to owning what makes her special even if it does mean being different. Many girls will be able to relate to feeling insecure at some moment in their life whether it be for being divergent or some other reason. Kara El owning it makes it all the more better, teaching girls to own their insecurities and most importantly don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. In the pilot, a lot of Kara’s peers undermine her at first- even her own sister. They assumed that she would never amount to Kal El’s fame, comparing her to her cousin. They presumed that she was fragile and naive, but she proved them all wrong by creating her own destiny and totally kicking ass.

The action packed show also does the honor of going into feminist rants at times. For example, in one scene a flustered  Kara El is confronting her boss (Cat Grant) about the name supergirl and says that “It is anti feminist” and then continues on suggesting the name Superwoman as a substitute. Grant instills knowledge upon Kara by teaching her that the only problem with the word “girl” is how Kara was perceiving it, thus making her the problem not the word itself. You go Cat Grant! On top of that, Cat owns a huge influential media company making her extremely powerful and wealthy. Played by Calista Flockhart, her portrayal of the character reminded me a little of Miranda from “The Devil Wears Prada,” but of course not nearly as ruthless.

Supergirl definitely still has to prove itself in my eyes, but for now it seems to be headed on a good path. Of course there are minor things like the CGI and at times the acting could be better as to help viewers feel more for the characters. Overall, there is hope for Kara-El and even though she ended up not having to save her cousin, she might just save TV and comics from being male dominated by winning her own slot up there with the likes of successful TV shows Arrow, The Flash, and of course Smallville.  


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