Illyana Rasputin: The badass Leader of Limbo


Whenever I am asked who my favorite superhero is, the same answer always pops into my head: Illyana Rasputin. Although she is not a well-known character, she has more personality and character than many of the most popular female superheroes I usually see in mainstream media.



Illyana Rasputin originates in the Marvel universe, sister to the well known Xmen Colossus. She was much younger than her older brother, until she was lost in Limbo. Time in limbo does not work the same way as it does on Earth; therefore, Illyana, grew up rapidly.

Limbo is a strange place where many of the Marvel universes come together. When Illyana was lost in Limbo, she met up with Storm and Kitty, both from a separate universe than her own.  

Illyana was trained by Storm in magic and then Bellasco, the ruler of Limbo. She learned much during those years of living in Limbo. She fell into Limbo not knowing her mutant power, but figured it out while in Limbo. But it is not her mutant power that makes her strong but the magic that she possesses.

However, when being trained by Bellasco, her purity was corrupted. Bellasco turned part of her soul into a bloodstone, giving her incredible powers, but also allowing Bellasco to control her.  Inside her began an internal struggle between good and evil that would continue with her for the rest of her life.

illyana 2   illyana 3

Illyana is such an intriguing and fascinating character, from the power she possesses all the way down to the internal struggle she battles with and sometimes loses control over. For her to only be in the background of so many of the Xmen battles seems incredible to me as she is basically the ruler of hell. In one comic, she brings all the demons of Limbo to New York. Although I had done a lot of research and reading into my favorite comic book character, I did not come across this amazing story until much later.

Illyana does not conform to most female roles. She is tough, adventurous, and has a quick wit. Illyana can still be a bit childish, as she grew up in seconds in reality, from an eight year old to a thirteen year old.

Part of the reason she is also so rambunctious is because of her childlike mindset. Although she is much older and wiser than meets the eye, she also shows her youth and playfulness every so often.

Seeing such a deep, powerful, and even funny character more often and to maybe come to life in a live-action movie, would be a major highlight for the women in Marvel.

There seems to be a specific type of female character the directors of live-action comic book movies are shooting for; the women are usually a strong, smart and a passive character that  lurks in the background to come out when it is time for some romance. Illyana is still young in the comics and does not have any large romance story with any of the other male characters. Her character is still developing her quirky, strange, and slightly evil personality into what I cannot say.

At the moment, you can find her in the new Uncanny Xmen, and I suggest you pick it up.


One thought on “Illyana Rasputin: The badass Leader of Limbo

  1. I’m ambivalent of Illyana being in a movie adaption because there’s the danger of her character being watered down and thus presenting her as a standard “anti-heroine”. She tries her hardest to be a better person and not letting her inner corruption take the best of her.


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