American songstress Elizabeth Grant, known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, is currently the hottest new thing in music. With her trademark voice and her sad puppy eyes, Grant first graced us with her presence back in 2012, when the she released her first LP titled Born To Die. The baroque pop album, which features hit singles like “Summertime Sadness”, went on to be one of the best-selling albums in 2012. Later on in the year the sad girl released her EP titled Paradise along with a critically acclaimed short film Tropico. Del Rey was different and mysterious, but everyone loved it.

In 2014, She released her second album Ultraviolence which debuted at number one on the billboard 100 chart. Ultraviolence received much praise by critics for its’ concepts and production. Overall, critics liked Ultraviolence more than Born To Die. Soon after the release of Ultraviolence, the noir pop singer announced her Endless Summer Tour, with musical guests like badass rocker Courtney Love and Grimes.

Lana recently released her latest album Honeymoon, which critics are already calling a huge success and one of Del Rey’s “best pieces of work to date.” The indie pop album features the jazz-influenced track “Terrance Loves You” and her hit single “High By The Beach.” All I can say is that I would love to go on a Honeymoon with Lana Del Rey after listening to this album


Grant may be the most streamed artist on Spotify, but she still has to deal with haters. Del Rey has received much harsh criticism for “romanticizing her unconventional  lifestyle” and her controversial lyrics that deal with female identity. Lana often talks about youth, heartbreak, and chasing after older men in fast cars, she is merely a sad girl trying to navigate her way through life and stay out of trouble. Some musicians are worried that is not a good image for girls. However, what some may dislike her for, others choose to glorify. There’s something about her sad voice echoing and longing for true love, whilst at the same time being a badass in the streets of LA that makes Lana admirable yet, somehow relatable.

More recently the rock singer was interviewed and  asked what her thoughts were on feminism. The interview stirred up a lot of unnecessary controversies, internet trolls were quick to respond to her statement without truly comprehending what the pop star meant. Everyone should have already known that Lana is way too cool for us. The Brooklyn baby pretty much said that feminism is normal to her, which separates her from many modern artist who feel pressure to either be radically feminist or not at all. Feminism in pop culture and the media is flawed because it is one kind of feminism that only benefits a certain kind of people. Feminism truly comes in many forms, there is a lot of common ground for a lot of the concepts. It shouldn’t just be black and white, there should be a grey area. Most Importantly Lana should not be getting so much hatred for her lifestyle seeing as a feminist should respect all females choices, even though it may not have been a choice that they would have made. Feminism is such a huge trend right now in the world, some people are just trying to jump on the bandwagon. Del Rey knew about feminism before it was cool!


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