Nicole Dollanganger has certainly grasped everyone’s attention with her soft, sensual voice and her rock influenced dream pop tracks. The songwriter was recently signed under a record label created by Grimes herself and has released her new album Natural Born Losers. The Canadian songstress first stepped into the music scene with her eerie, doll-baby sound back in 2012 with her EP Colombine, followed by six other self-released projects.

Dollanganger showed us that she is dark, mysterious and not afraid to express herself. More recently, the unstoppable force shared the stage with Grimes on Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon tour, along with Jennie Vee and Courtney Love. Dollanganger seemed to fit right in with the likes of these awesome female musicians, who are popularly known for their unapologetic lyrics that often associate with female identity.

Album artwork for Ode to Dawn Weiner: Embarrassing Love Songs

Known for her bedroom music and tumblr account, Dollanganger constantly talks about sex openly in her music. It’s exhilarating to have a female musician shamelessly talking about sex for other females/males to listen and/or relate to. Regardless of the many stereotypes, women do engage in sexual activities, and they enjoy them! Dollanganger’s music is definitely something you should check out if you haven’t gotten the chance yet. Check out some of her music below!

Upcoming shows:


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