Top 10 Books by Black Women that I Read in 2015


Media Diversified

by Claire L. Heuchan

Black women’s writing is often dismissed as niche on the grounds of being ‘Other’ to the canon of white male literature – too racialised, too female, to have *universal appeal (*white). Yet, as Patricia Hill Collins observes, it is this position of outsider that enables Black women to offer a distinct take on how power is structured. All of these books have two things in common: 1) they are brilliant 2) they are extraordinarily perceptive, particularly with observations about power dynamics. The quality of writing means that any reader should enjoy these books, and the lessons within will be of benefit to everyone and anyone. In the hope that others will take as much pleasure in these books as I have, here are the ten best books by Black women that I have read in the last year.


  1. The Icarus Girl, by Helen Oyeyemi


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