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empressLorely Rodriguez is a singer/songwriter that you may know as Empress Of. The Honduran-American singer has been all the buzz ever since the release of her debut self-produced album “Me” through XL Recordings. Rodriguez’s vocals are refreshing and exuberant in upbeat tracks like Kitty Kat, where the songstress sings about the variety of emotions you feel when trying to walk away from a bad relationship. When you want to just chill out with a bunch of friends, be sure to put on the haunting track Icon. The trip-hop track gives you some Royals vibes, in a good way. Although,  “Me” was just released in late 2015 Empress Of is still a cool new artist to look out for. Check out her live performance of  Kitty Kat below!




If you haven’t heard of Lolawolf by now I think it’s safe to say you have been living under a rock. The awesome R&B electro trio is fronted by the amazing Zoe Kravitz who has such a sassy, yet sweet and soulful voice. Lolawolf first stepped on the scene with their synth-pop  EP Calm Down, which featured the dance worthy synth-pop track of the same title. Calm Down  was released through an independent label so that the band could retain creative control that they wouldn’t have had with a major label. Early last year the Mad Max actress released a mixtape titled Every Fuckin Day for free digital download. The trip-hop mixtape had a lot of fun and original instrumentals while featuring Kravitz’s sassy lyrics. I hope Lolawolf stays around for a long time and continues to be headstrong. Check out some more of the band’s music below!




You may recognize CL from your favorite K-Pop band 2NE1, but like many, this rapper is trying to make a name for herself in the music industry. Although, there isn’t much buzz surrounding her debut album that is set to release in 2016, CL is already on the right track to stardom with the help of hit maker Diplo on crazy EDM tracks like “Dr.Pepper” and “Hello Bitches” . There is always more room for a female rapper in music seeing as there is a lack of them along with a lack of representation.






The future is already here and it isn’t Vocaloid’s its Grimes! The electronica/experimental/psychedelic artist has been making waves in the music industry ever since the electro-pop critically acclaimed Visions was released back in 2012. Now with the release of her new album, Art Angels Grimes is even more astonishing  than ever. There is never a dull moment on the futuristic synth pop album. Art Angels has you dancing along the whole time whether it be to the  break-up anthem”Flesh Without Blood” or the insanely cool track “SCREAM” that features Aristophanes. Although there’s no new album to be looking forward to, Grimes is going on tour this year. Be sure to check out “Flesh Without Blood” below!





Although a lot of you are currently singing along to Miley’s “BB talk”. Melanie Martinez is one artist who has been extraordinary from the start. The electro-pop singer who first graced us with her Cruella de vil esque hair when she first auditioned for the voice is now a big time singer/songwriter. Martinez released her debut album Crybaby under Atlantic records late last year and the record has been on repeat ever since. The alt-pop singer  is relatable and unapologetic in synth-pop tracks like “Soap” and “Alphabet Boy”. Martinez soon finds out that there are consequences for her sharp-witted tongue in the track “Pity Party” when the songwriter finds herself alone. Leave it to Melanie Martinez to have a weird creepy baby themed album, that actually  doesn’t feel weird at all, Check out her latest featurette below!



Tinashe is the new triple threat taking the music industry by storm. The singer, song-writer, and producer is not a force to be reckoned with. Ever since the release of the infectious trip-hop track  “2 On”, which reached number one on the billboard charts, the Aquarius singer has been all the buzz. Tinashe is definitely an artist to look out for in 2016 especially since everyone is patiently awaiting the release of her new album. Her new album is supposed to feature big names like Diplo and Max Martin ( Baby One More Time).  Tinashe has definitely proved that she has star quality whether the R&B singer is acting alongside big names like Tom Hanks and Charlie Sheen, or writing smash hits for girl group Fith Harmony and Pop titan Britney Spears. Tinashe has also spoken out about the poor representation of African American musicians in the industry. Check out her sick moves below!


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