10 More Historical Ladies Who Deserve Their Own Movie


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A couple years back I wrote an article about 10 wonderful and accomplished ladies from historywho should have their own film. Now I bring you 10 more! Special thanks to some of our commentators for their suggestions!


1. Melisande of Jerusalem

Melisendre was Queen of Jerusalem in the 12th century. Melisendre’s life was filled with politics and court intrigue. Despite it being uncommon for a woman to have much power in her region at that time, records show her acting as ruler in most ways. She was also a patronage of the Church and the arts and was active in the Second Crusades.

Previous Films: None

Who Should Play Her: Margarita Levieva who has yet to have a break-out role but deserves one.

2. Amina of Nigeria

Amina was a Hausa Muslim Warrior Queen who lived sometime in the 15th or 16th century. There is still confusion to how much…

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