Introducing New Female Superheroes!! Part 1


Well, technically not new. New to live action that is! Here is a little background on a few superheroines that will be featured in 2016 that have never been seen in a live action adaptation.

  1. Vixen

Arrow (T.V. Show)

An amazingly powerful and sadly underplayed character in the DC universe, getting Vixen on day time television is a win for DC. Vixen could be one of the most powerful characters in the Justice League if her full potential is unleashed, but she is often overlooked. The power Vixen possesses is within a necklace called the Tantu Totem that she was given at a young age. This necklace allows her the ability to come into contact with the Earth’s morphogenetic field, also known as the “Red”. The Red enables Vixen the abilities of any animal that has lived on the planet, and the red is strong enough that she is able to embody more than one animal at once.

Where many writers go wrong with Vixen’s powers is their creativity. The red transfers any planet that has lived on Earth and dinosaurs don’t come to mind? That would be my first choice. Vixen is often forgotten about and seen as weaker than many of the other justice League members. I am seriously hoping that Arrow unlocks Vixen’s true potential in the show.

If you want to know more about Vixen you should check out the short Television show created by the CW all about Vixen, with guest appearance of Arrow and the Flash. Sadly, it is not live action, but it is still a great show.


  1. Negative Woman

Legends of Tomorrow (T.V. Show)

Negative Woman, or Valentina Voskov as she will be known as in Legends of Tomorrow, was a Russian spy until she tried to defect to the United States and her plane crashed. The area she crashed into was also the place where The Negative Man fell and died, and the radioactivity caused from his death transferred to Valentina, thus turning her into The Negative Woman.

             Legends of Tomorrow is a new T.V. Show, featuring known characters like Arrow and the Flash and will be broadcast on the CW along with the other two shows. Hopefully a lot of cross over action will take place just as it has with Arrow and The Flash. Seeing as the CW has already done a good job with its previous superhero shows, I have high hopes for Legends of Tomorrow and I am interested in how they will amp up Negative Woman’s character and make it a bit more modern.


  1. Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad

Dr. Harleen F. Quinzel was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, until her world was turned upside down, as things often are when the Joker is near. Since the New 52 shift in DC, Harley Quinn’s backstory has changed and I cannot be sure whether they are going with Quinn’s original back story or the new 52 story.

What is intriguing about Harley Quinn is that her first appearance wasn’t in comic books. Actually, Harley Quinn first showed up in Batman: The Animated Series. In the show, Harley Quinn wears the Harlequin outfit, which I miss in the New 52 Harley Quinn but I understand its absence in the movie.


  1. Enchantress

Suicide Squad

In 1966, Enchantress first appeared in the comic book Strange Adventures. June Moone stumbled upon the powers of the Enchantress at a party in an abandoned castle where an ancient being tied these powers to Moone. Later on, Moone figures out it is not only powers that were bound to her but another being altogether, and an evil one to boot. Afraid of the evil powers inside her, Amanda Waller promises Moone that she will be able to control Moone’s  dark side, thus making Moone the most unique out of all the Suicide Squad as she is the only one who volunteered.

In the live action adaptation of Enchantress, Cara Delevigne will be playing the adventure-seeking, insane character. Delevigne is said to be the first person to audition for the movie and showed off her skills with a scene from the award winning movie “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe.” Delevigne says she did not know what she was auditioning for at them time but was very excited when she heard about the part. In order to prepare for her part, Delevigne hired a psychotherapist. Hopefully Delevigne does not forget that there are two sides to the part she is playing.


  1. Copycat


The originally blue skinned, shape-shifting mutant Copycat is no copy of the well-known mutant Mystique. Actually, Copycat is even more badass than Mystique, as she can not only shapeshift into whoever she wants, but also take on any powers they may possess. However, there is a rumor that Copycat may be related to Mystique, maybe even being her daughter. Copycat is a mercenary who also went through the weapon x program and there are rumors she will also be experimented on in the movie. In the comics, Copycat becomes obsessed with Deadpool to the point where she would shape shift into women he was seeing. She knew Deadpool before he became the “Merc with a mouth” and as crazy as she is, she still loves him and is an important ally to him.

Morena Baccarin is set to play Copycat, or Vanessa Carlysle in the upcoming and much awaited movie Deadpool. Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin has already proved herself in many science fiction and comic book roles, in live action tv shows such as “Firefly” and “Gotham”, and evenb a few cartoons, such as “Justice League: Unlimited”. It is rather funny as she has done work with DC comics before, but this will be her first time working with an originally marvel story.


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