Are queer people of colour finally entering the mainstream?


Media Diversified

by Phelan Chatterjee 

Recently I watched the first episode of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None with a friend. The first thing he pointed out was the seemingly in your face diversity; “Oh look, a Jew, a Pakistani and a black lesbian! They seem to be ticking all the boxes…”

This seems to be a fairly widespread view; that cultural output in the 21st century has become a ‘political correctness’ machine, churning out diversity quotas at the BFI, targets at Channel 4 and pesky Lenny Henry and now Idris Elba demanding minority representation.

But the fact remains that for far too long British film and television has been telling the stories of a strikingly narrow subsection of society. My friend’s comment got me thinking about my own family, which is South Asian and white, and my friends, who are white, black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Jewish, Muslim, Christian and atheist. They…

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