Women Photographers at National Geographic


While scrolling down the Instagram of National Geographic, I notice something odd and daunting for someone like me, who has considered photo-journalism for a career. Barely any photos by female photographers seem to show up on the lengths and lengths of the Nat Geo Instagram. Even more daunting is that this is something I have noticed also while reading their magazine and even checking out their Snap chat stories.

Of course, photojournalism is a difficult task, and even more so for women when traveling alone is much more dangerous and even frowned upon.

Knowing the hardships of a female photojournalist, Cathy Newman documents the struggles and successes of many female photographers for National Geographic in her book Women Photographers at National Geographic.

Newman looks all the way back to 1914, where Eliza Scidmore immortalized a young Japanese child. She takes a look at practically all the famous females who were behind the camera for Nat Geo, including Margaret Bourke-White, Dickey Chapelle, Annie Griffiths Belt, Dorothy Hosmer, Edith Watson, and so many more.

I know audio books are becoming increasingly popular in our fast paced world where there is not much time to read. But missing out on these glorious photos would be a terrible mistake. Check out the book where you can find it on Amazon for a whopping $0.01.

(Cathy Newman above)


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